The Lobby is where the players (ducks) meet up to start a match. This is where you start out whether you are going online or to the Arcade. Once you are in, you may choose a hat and profile from the computer, then you break the glass and choose Online or Arcade.


The Lobby with 1 player in it

Since the Arcade isn't in the lobby, we will continue talking about Online.

Once you choose Online, you are given 3 options:

  • Find Game
  • Create Game
  • Cancel

If you choose find game, you will be given a choice to specify what type of lobby you want to find. If you are looking for fast and quick gameplay, I suggest leaving them all at Any.

Once you find a game, you will be matched up with other players, and whether they are experienced or not is total luck. Choose a hat (optional) and break the glass to head into the warp. Once all players are inside, you will have to wait for the host to start the countdown. Once the countdown's over, off to the game you go.


A full lobby

If you choose Create Game, you will again be given a choice to specify what type of lobby you want, however, you will not be finding a lobby, as you are creating your own. This may take longer than finding a game depending on how many people are creating games and finding them. Once everyone (including you!) jumps into the warp, you are given the option to start. You may want to push this as soon as possible or people will get annoyed and leave.